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Cooee Design

Cooee began in 2005 as a jewelry company, working in plexi material. The range reach a great audience and success in the years to follow. In 2015 the company expanded into new categories and is today one of the leading, well recognized brands in the home interior and accessories across Scandinavia.

After a productive beginning on the Nordic market, the company entered the world market and has lately acquired new opportunities for growth.

Although the world has become the home for the Cooee collection the Cooee headquarters remains loyal to its roots in the depth of  Småland. This is where the inspiration and journey started and continue to ran as a successful family business. Expanding the team, products, expertise and warehouse organically with its growth.

Founders Catrine Åberg & Henrik Åberg, are the third generation in the family Åberg committed to the founding principle of well designed products and has developed the concept further working together with several 

Scandinavian successful designers. This has contributed to an even greater collection offered by Cooee Design today.

22 Produkte

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